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NFPW History

"I'm old enough to remember being told that women couldn't do certain jobs or had to work their way into those jobs from menial positions that men did not have to take. Pay differentials were huge. Virginia Press Women and NFPW were important forces in working for change, and they gave me a way to contribute to that battle. Networking was and still is important, but the greatest benefit was one I didn't expect — lifelong friendships." — Louise Seals, Virginia

The National Federation of Press Women has been helping writers and professional communicators for more than 75 years.

On May 6, 1937, 39 women from seven states gathered at the Chicago Women's Club to turn their vision into reality. They formed the National Federation of Presswomen (yes, then it was one word) and set forth their goals: "To provide a means of communication between woman writers nationally; make possible the expression of a common voice in matters of national interest to press women, and otherwise advance the professional standards of press women."

Through the years, NFPW has grown to include affiliate organizations across the United States. We've updated our mission, programs and services, but have remained true to those original concepts seeking to find a strong voice for women in journalism and related fields.

NFPW's first president, Helen Miller Malloch, once said, "... this, with very much of myself, I have given you; but you are the ones who will make it live as my lasting memorial."

Helen, NFPW's strength today is our lasting memorial to you.


Former NFPW president Marj Carpenter talks about her career in newspapers and how the role of women in the newsroom has changed.


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Book Recounts History of Organization's Leaders

"The leadership of NFPW has been amazing! Each woman brought something unique and exceptional to the federation. Each had her own style. Each had her own struggles to deal with. Collectively they grew a dynamic energy and resolve to the history of women in this country." — Marianne Wolf-Astrauskas

Leadership 1927-2013: The First Forty Presidents of the National Federation of Press Women by Marianne Wolf-Astrauskas. ISBN: 9780974587806 Published 2013 by Dreamers Tapestry, Inc. This 145 page work gives a glimpse into the rich history of the NFPW by providing an informative look at the forty highly talented and empowered women that were its leaders over the past 76 years.

Read more about the creation of this book, which can be purchased here.