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What is RSS?

Sometimes referred to as "Real Simple Sindication," RSS allows you to keep up with website updates without having to check the website for them. For RSS to work, you need to use an RSS reader. There are many free RSS readers that you can find by searching the Web. The Internet Explorer browser also comes with an RSS reader built in.

Once you have selected a reader, you can subscribe to RSS feeds that interest you, such as the NFPW news feeds listed on the left side of this page. You subscribe to a feed by clicking on the orange RSS icon. A page opens up and asks you if you want to subscribe. It may offer to add the subscription to one of the more common readers. You also can subscribe by copying the URL of the feed into your reader. Readers usually have a "Subscribe" button or link. When you click it, a form field comes up where you paste the RSS feed URL.

RSS feeds are common on many news sites and other sites that update their content frequently. Many sites use this icon — — to link to their RSS feeds. Just click on the icon to get to the RSS page.

Once you have your reader set up, the newest or unread content will be highlighted in some fashion so you know you have not read it. If you subscribe to RSS feeds from a number of sites, each site will be listed and the reader will indicate if there is new or unread content for each site since the last time you checked.

The NFPW news feed will keep you informed about the latest news articles posted on the NFPW website.

rss logo   NFPW News—All NFPW RSS feeds in a single feed.

rss logo   NFPW Conference News

rss logo   NFPW Competitions News