2021 Call for Candidates

Yes, You Can Become an NFPW Officer!

… Here’s How!

 NFPW is looking for dedicated, enthusiastic members willing to help lead a re-energized national organization into the future.

During the June 2021 conference in Little Rock, Arkansas, new officers will be elected at the business meeting and charged with guiding NFPW for the next two years. The officer positions are:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

To be eligible to run for office, candidates must be NFPW members, have the endorsement of their state affiliate, and be able to fulfill the responsibilities of the office sought.

The deadline to submit a nomination is February 1. The submission process has been streamlined and can now be completed electronically. There is also information available to submit forms via mail, if needed.

Option 1
Nominee completes and submits the Candidate Form and either nominee or affiliate president submits the Affiliate Support Form
Step 1:  Submit the Candidate Form
Step 2:  Submit the Affiliate Support Form

Option 2
Complete the Word Document Form and Submit to [email protected] or by postal mail 

For more information about the responsibilities of each office, go to the “Members-Only” section of the NFPW website, click the “About” button, then select Bylaws. The responsibilities are in Article V and VI.

If you have any questions, you can contact members of the Elections Committee: Meg Hunt (SC) at [email protected]; Lori Potter (NE) at [email protected]; Helen Plotkin (AR) at [email protected]; Amy Geiszler-Jones (KS) at [email protected]; or Angela Smith (TX) at [email protected].

Please consider sharing your talents and ideas with NFPW by agreeing to run for office!