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WANTED: NFPW Officer Candidates

NFPW is looking for dedicated, enthusiastic members willing to help lead the organization into the future!

At the 2017 conference in Birmingham, AL, this fall, new officers will be elected at the business meeting on September 7 to guide NFPW for the next two years. The officer positions are president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.

To be eligible to run for office, candidates must be NFPW members, have the endorsement of their state affiliate, and be able to fulfill the responsibilities of the office sought. Click here for the nomination form.

For more information about these responsibilities, go to the "Members-Only" section, click on Forms & Documents, and scroll to Revised Bylaws, Article V and VI.

The deadline to submit a nomination is May 1. Forms and headshot can be emailed to info@nfpw.org or mailed to NFPW Headquarters, P.O. Box 3007, Mechanicsville, VA 23116-0026 ATTN: NFPW Elections 2017.

If you have any questions about serving as an officer, you can contact Nominating Committee Chair Meg Hunt of South Carolina at mhunt21@msn.com or 864-325-9130.

Please consider sharing your talents and ideas with NFPW by agreeing to run for a leadership position!

purple jagged-edged circle with text 80 years in black and in white, around the edge above 80, dates of the orgnization.


The histories behind
the Federation

Woman's Press Club
of Indiana

By Marion Garmel

Woman’s Press Club
of Indiana was founded Feb. 18, 2013 at a meeting of 13 women journalists and activists from throughout the state at Ayres Tea Room in Indianapolis. A second meeting in March added 15 women to the founding members. 

The women were in Indianapolis to support an education bill then before the State Legislature. They decided at the founding meeting that there was more power in numbers than individually. Over the years, they have been responsible, through their editorial powers, for the establishment of an Indiana State Park and of libraries and schools throughout the state. A member of WPCI was the first woman admitted to the garage area of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the 500 Mile Race. Another was the Dean of Indiana Statehouse reporters while working for UPI.  . . . Keep reading.

March 12-18, 2017

Amid attacks, journalists need to focus on Trump's actions

The Sacramento Bee

Sunshine Week logo with image of a sun emerging from behind a capital dome and an open file folder in front of the dome.

As I've listened to President Donald Trump go on tirades against the "very dishonest" media, I've tried not to take his criticism personally.

Lord knows, I've made my share of mistakes in my career. But they've never been on purpose, or out of malice.

In fact, after more than 30 years, I can still remember the phone call from a grieving relative when I misspelled a name in an obituary (I wrote Ronald instead of Roland). This was before articles were published online, so print newspapers were the permanent record. The man's family had to live with my error. However Trump bashes journalists, he'll never make me feel as bad as I did back then.

So here's the truth: . . . Keep reading.

At this time, it's important to remember our Code of Ethics, one of the tenets that helps makes NFPW strong:

NFPW Code of Ethics

As a professional communicator, I recognize my responsibility to the public which has placed its trust and confidence in my work, and will endeavor to do nothing to abuse this obligation.

With truth as my ultimate goal, I will adhere to the highest standards of professional communication, never consciously misleading reader, viewer, or listener; and will avoid any compromise of my objectivity or fairness.

Because I believe that professional communicators must be obligated only to the people's right to know, I affirm that freedom of the press is to be guarded as an inalienable right of the citizens of a free society.

I pledge to use this freedom wisely and to uphold the right of communicators to express unpopular opinions as well as the right to agree with the majority.

How to renew your membership

The holiday season is upon us, which also brings membership renewal time for affiliates and NFPW for 2017. Please visit the Join Us page for renewal information. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

2017 COA Nominations Due May 1, 2017

Behind every Communicator of Achievement is a great nomination packet.

To ensure that your packet is complete follow the checklist below:

A few tips in preparing the packet:

  1. If the nomination is not a surprise, spend time with the individual so that you can flesh out the narrative. Spending an hour or two together is a great way to learn more about the candidate's career and contributions. Often the anecdotal stories help make a candidate stand out.
  2. Ask the candidate or seek out endorsements from a half dozen or so individuals that covers the breadth of the COA's career and contributions. Keep a copy of each endorsement to share with the candidate. From the endorsements extract a few sentences to include in the packet.
  3. Samples of the nominee's work are limited to two pages. This is often the most frustrating part for those preparing the packets. You don't have to provide the entire work. You can share the first page of a multi-page magazine article or the leads of several newspaper stories. The work samples are simply that — samples.

The packets are intended to capture the breadth and depth of an individual's career and contributions. Once you have completed it, why not make a copy of it to give to your deserving nominee?

Nominations for COA, the highest honor bestowed by NFPW, are due May 1.

For complete information, contact the NFPW COA Director:

Gwen Woolf
12507 Mortar Lane
Spotsylvania, Va. 22551

Giving to NFPW and the NFPW Education Fund

A donation to NFPW and the NFPW Education Fund is a great way to provide educational opportunities to members and students, provide for NFPW's long-term viability, and to ensure NFPW's many programs continue to operate. You can also make a gift to the organization as a lasting tribute to the memory of family members or friends.

Professional Development Webinars from Online Media Campus

NFPW members can now participate in high-quality, low-cost online professional development webinars from Online Media Campus, which is brought to you by the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association and Iowa Newspaper Foundation.

A typical webinar is a live one-hour session during the work day, costs $35 per phone line, and is archived afterward for repeat viewing. (If several people want to listen in and participate together in one room, the cost is still $35!)

For a complete list of current webinars, visit the Online Media Campus webinar schedule page.

Affordable Liability Insurance Available to NFPW Members.

Chubb has developed a media liability insurance program exclusively for members of the National Federation of Press Women. The program is affordably priced and is administered by Walterry Insurance Brokers, a brokerage firm that has been providing media liability coverage for over 20 years. Coverage is worldwide and protects you against claims arising from articles you have written which are published or disseminated by others. Information on this program is referenced on our Join page or you can contact the Media Department at Walterry Insurance Brokers at 800-638-8791. Read the full article.

About NFPW

The National Federation of Press Women is a dynamic nationwide organization of professional women-and men-pursuing careers across the communications spectrum.

Membership in NFPW is a solid investment in your career, providing opportunities to develop your professional skills, receive recognition for your work, network with peers, protect the First Amendment, and nurture the next generation of communicators.

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Leader Blogs

Marsha's Match Point Blog
NFPW President Marsha Hoffman shares her perspectives.

Talking With Teri
Former NFPW President Teri Ehresman highlights some of the Unique and Unbelievable members of the National Federation of Press Women.

Cynthia's Communique
Insights on communication trends and techniques from former NFPW President and 2012 Communicator of Achievement Cynthia Price.


NFPW Agenda

newsletter cover In this edition of the NFPW newsletter:

* NFPW 80th Anniversary

* Early-bird deadline

* Alabama Countdown

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Affordable Libel Insurance.
NFPW members — including freelancers and other individual communicators — are eligible for affordable media liability coverage through a program developed exclusively for the National Federation of Press Women.

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