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2018 Conference

Bethlehem — Where Your Story Begins

Moravian Museum Gemeinhaus at night.
The Moravian Museum of Bethlehem introduces guests to the earliest history of the Bethlehem community. On tours, guests discover the remarkable stories behind Bethlehem's founders, including early Moravian medicinal practices, communal living, missionary work, and a progressive educational system.

The last time Pennsylvania Press Club hosted the NFPW annual conference was in 1981. You won't want to miss the conference this year because you might have to wait another 40 years!

We're working hard to create a top-notch lineup of speakers, addressing a wide range of communications topics. Learn about podcasting, starting a subscription E-learning site fighting back against fake news and working in a multi-generational workplace. You'll learn about life-changing lessons learned from 10,000 miles of newsroom visits and how Crayola turned a simple idea into the biggest promotion in its history. Learn more about our speakers and sessions.

Bethlehem and the surrounding region are great places to visit, so we've arranged for some terrific tours. The pre-tour takes you to Philadelphia and Amish country. For the post-tour you'll travel to Gettysburg. For those who want a quick trip, we have day tours to visit area museums and a walking tour of historic Bethlehem, where you will learn about the Moravians who founded the community.

Hotel registration is now open. Registration will open by month's end. Be sure to check us out on the NFPW Facebook events page where we promise to post facts about Bethlehem and Pennsylvania, as well as intriguing details about our speakers.

We hope to see you in Pennsylvania!

NFPW professional communications contest review begins

The affiliate entries in the 2018 professional communications contest are in the hands of talented judges all over the country. While the judging is underway, the NFPW Contest Team is already looking forward to the 2019 contest.

This is where feedback is needed from NFPW members. . . . Read more.

photo of Keith standing, holding a plaque and facing the camera.

Tammy Keith wins sweepstakes award

Tammy Keith of Arkansas won the 2017 communications contest sweepstakes award from the National Federation of Press Women.

The award was announced Sept. 9 at the NFPW awards banquet in Birmingham, Alabama. . . . Read more.

Randy Richardson standing at the podium with two women, receiving a plaque.

Randy Richardson named National
Communicator of Achievement

Sept. 8, 2017 — Randy Richardson of Evanston, Ill., has received the 2017 Communicator of Achievement Award from the National Federation of Press Women (NFPW). He is the first male winner in the 60 years the award has been given.

He received the award during the organization's annual conference, held this year in Birmingham, Alabama. NFPW, celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2017, is a nationwide organization of professional women and men pursuing careers across the communications spectrum.

The Communicator of Achievement award is the highest honor bestowed by NFPW upon those members who have distinguished themselves within and beyond their field. The recipient, chosen from nominees selected by state affiliates from around the country, is recognized for exceptional achievement in the communications field, as well as service to NFPW and to the community. — Award presentation video.

Meet the NFPW Executive Board, 2017-2019

Group of five ladies standing shoulder to shoulder and looking at the camera.

The National Federation of Press Women held elections during its 2017 national conference in Birmingham, Alabama. Pictured from left are the members of the 2017-2019 Executive Board: Katherine Keniston (Oregon) Secretary, Marianne Wolf-Astrauskas (Illinois) President, Marsha Hoffman (Iowa) Immediate Past-President, Karen Rowley (Louisiana) Treasurer, and Gwen Larson (Kansas) Vice President.

purple jagged-edged circle with text 80 years in black and in white, around the edge above 80, dates of the orgnization.


The histories behind
the Federation

Giving to NFPW and the NFPW Education Fund

A donation to NFPW and the NFPW Education Fund is a great way to provide educational opportunities to members and students, provide for NFPW's long-term viability, and to ensure NFPW's many programs continue to operate. You can also make a gift to the organization as a lasting tribute to the memory of family members or friends.

Professional Development Webinars from Online Media Campus

NFPW members can now participate in high-quality, low-cost online professional development webinars from Online Media Campus, which is brought to you by the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association and Iowa Newspaper Foundation.

A typical webinar is a live one-hour session during the work day, costs $35 per phone line, and is archived afterward for repeat viewing. (If several people want to listen in and participate together in one room, the cost is still $35!)

For a complete list of current webinars, visit the Online Media Campus webinar schedule page.

Protect Yourself with Affordable Media Liability Insurance

While exercising your right to freedom of the press, you can feel more secure by having media liability insurance that's specially designed for NFPW members. Coverage is worldwide and protects you against claims arising from articles you've written that are published or disseminated by others. It's the ideal cost-effective solution for freelancers and other independent writers. The insurance is available only to members who purchase a premium professional membership. Read more.

About NFPW

The National Federation of Press Women is a dynamic nationwide organization of professional women-and men-pursuing careers across the communications spectrum.

Membership in NFPW is a solid investment in your career, providing opportunities to develop your professional skills, receive recognition for your work, network with peers, protect the First Amendment, and nurture the next generation of communicators.

2017 Contest Results

The results of NFPW's 2017 National Communications Contest have been announced. Click the links below for an alphabetic listing of winners or for a list of winners by category. Congratulations to one and all, and thanks to all who entered this year's competition.

Alphabetic List

Winners by Category

Leader Blogs

Wolf Tracks History
NFPW President Marianne Wolf-Astrauskas reveals some of the fascinating members from NFPW's 80-year history.

Marsha's Match Point Blog
Former NFPW President Marsha Hoffman shares her perspectives.

Talking With Teri
Former NFPW President Teri Ehresman highlights some of the Unique and Unbelievable members of the National Federation of Press Women.

Cynthia's Communique
Insights on communication trends and techniques from former NFPW President and 2012 Communicator of Achievement Cynthia Price.


NFPW Agenda

newsletter cover In this edition of the NFPW newsletter:

* First Amendment Network

* COA Applications

* Benefits of NFPW

Agenda submission deadlines:

  • Sept. 15 deadline for Oct. 1 publication
  • Dec. 10 deadline for Jan. 1 publication
  • March 10 deadline for April 1 publication
  • June 10 deadline for July 1 publication

About 500 words.
A word document is great, but most documents can be accepted. Submit to Cathy Koon at cakoon52@cableone.net.


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