NFPW Education Fund

NFPW Education Fund is a nonprofit, community-oriented organization that seeks to connect with its members throughout their lives.  As part of our organization, the NFPW Education Fund invests in members by funding programs that fulfill the evolving educational and professional development projects of women and men and through our High School writing competition, students from across the nation.  With three business units and NFPW members ranging in age from 17 to 95, the NFPW Education Fund is solely supported by donations.  .

Education Fund first-timer grant applications are considered annually to facilitate an NFPW member’s ability to attend the national conference. The Ed Fund offers grants to NFPW members for professional development training or education. The Fund sponsors the annual High School Communication Contest.

Making A Donation

The NFPW Education Fund is a federally registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible. Contributions to the Education Fund help strengthen the foundation’s support for NFPW members and high school students established more than 30 years ago. You can make a general gift or designate a gift for targeted support.  Such contributions:

  • Support programs like the high school communication contest;
  • Help sponsor the youth luncheon at the NFPW conference;
  • Contribute to first-timer grants;
  • Provide a specified endowment for the NFPW Education Fund Award of Excellence in recognition of an entry judged the best overall of an exceptional high school contest winner.

Whether giving to preserve the lasting value of the National Federation of Press Women or to honor a family member or friend, your gift will further the legacy of our more than 80-year-old organization.  There are several ways to contribute:

  • Cash, check, or credit card — as an outright gift or through a multi-year pledge.
  • Memorial or tribute.
  • Bequests — in your will in the form of money.
  • Life insurance — designate NFPW as the beneficiary.
  • Add an Education Fund donation to annual membership renewal.
You can donate online 
or by mail to: NFPW Education Fund
140B Purcellville Gateway Dr. Suite 120
Purcellville, VA 20132

NFPW Education Programs

NFPW Education Grants

NFPW Education Fund grants help to fund educational opportunities for NFPW members and students. It is funded through contributions from NFPW members. The fund operates as an entity separate from NFPW and awards two types of grants:

  • Professional Development Grants help underwrite the cost of non-NFPW conferences and seminars for a limited number of applicants who seek to sharpen their professional skills. Applications are reviewed as they are received.
  • If you are an NFPW member who has never attended an annual national conference, you are encouraged to apply for a first-timer grant to attend the 2024 NFPW Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. The NFPW Education Fund offers grants to pay all or part of the registration fees for members attending their first national conference. Recipients must be a member of NFPW. Proceeds from the Silent Auction held at the conference each year as well as donations support the Ed Fund. The application deadline is Monday, May 6, 2024. Submission information is available on the application form. For more information, please contact Education Fund Chair Karen Rowley at [email protected] .

High School Communications Contest

The NFPW High School Communications Contest is one of only a few nationwide communications contests for high school students. The only three-tiered competition in the country, the NFPW contest features judging at the state and the national level, and, finally, to determine the single best overall entry, judging for the Award of Excellence. Each national award winner receives a handsome award certificate. And a $100 cash prize is given for each first-place national entry. Each year, at the annual NFPW Communications Conference, honors are presented during the High School Communications Contest Awards Luncheon.

NFPW High School Communications Award of Excellence

NFPW established an annual award in 2014 to honor the high school student or team who submits the entry chosen by judges as overall best among the national first-place winners. To honor the “Best of the Best,” $250 and a specially designed Award of Excellence certificate featuring the First Amendment are presented to the award-winning student; a matching $250 and award are given to the student’s high school journalism/communications program. The student is also recognized along with all of the other national high school winners present at the annual NFPW communications conference.

2023-2025 NFPW Education Fund Board of Directors

Karen Rowley, Louisiana, Chair
Marsha Hoffman, Iowa, Secretary
Lori Potter, Nebraska, Treasurer
Meg Hunt, South Carolina
Betty Packard, California
Gwen Larson, Kansas
Teri Ehresman, Idaho, High School Contest Director